About this website

I'm currently putting together this website, using it to share information about various DIY projects, and pictures of some hillwalks. I'm also using it to learn a bit more about HTML, PHP, CSS etc., so you may find a few things don't work.

For now, there's not much, and the design is fairly crap, but it will improve when I find time. (Well, actually it probably won't because it's now several years later, and it looks just the same, but I'm now working out how display video)

Updated 2013 after a few years! The background picture here shows the location where we're just starting up a new holiday rental flat in Linlithgow. Well worth a look if you're searching for accommodation near to Edinburgh for a Scottish holiday.

This page uses QuickTime to display the video, but I've found that Flash is probably easier, so I've used that on the other pages.